Friday, 10 July 2009

Ellie Rescued

We rescued a border collie today so that Zeus would have a doggy friend to spend time with. She2 years old and is called Ellie. We decided to keep her original name since she responds well to it and it's pleasant enough. Although she is a very affectionate little lady she is agoraphobic - Very strange you might think for a border collie. She just won't go on a walk (on lead) matter what we try, and we obviously can't have her running loose where she might not come back, or even worse get run over on a road. Inside she's fantastic, and gets on pretty well with Zeus, although he can be a little bit much for her at times. She puts him in his place though which is what he needs!

She was originally with her first owners from a puppy at 8 weeks. They had her for two years, but gave her up as she was developing behaviour issues. She would refuse to go on a walk with lead, and would become aggressive around her food. Indeed she is doing this at present, but hopefully we can get her out of this by giving her the reassurance and loving home that she needs. This is the third home she has been rehomed in as the other homes weren't quite as willing to put the time in with her, but as I said we're hopeful we can find her inner collie self. Her issues are suggestive of a problem at her first home, but funnily enough there is no mention of this. I'll add some pictures shortly.

Monday, 15 June 2009

The loveable rogue

Since becoming the latest addition to the family Zeus has been to watch me playing rugby (see above image laying down in the grass - although most of the spectators were more preoccupied with Zeus than the goings on of the match). He was a bit feisty this day though as he was feeling particularly bitey. Fortunately, he's calmed down considerably since getting his proper set of little gnashers.

He's been with us from 8 weeks old and has now hit the lofty heights of 21 weeks. He may be the new kid on the block, but he's certainly let all the other kids know he's around. He's been roughing up a boxer puppy who really didn't know what to make of this hyperactive young pup. He's been playing with a couple of chocolate coloured labrador puppies too, but he doesn't shirk away from the more mature dogs either. I think most of them would prefer to meet him from 2 years old onwards, since he can be a bit much when he is feeling playful. He is a good natured dog however, and my experience of other collies tells me that he's going to be a great one. Always playful, always alert (apart from when just waking up from a snooze), always wanting to please, Zeus is a wonderful young and playful boy.

The accidental swimmer

I took Zeus and Ben down to the river today. Ben jumped straight in without being told he could today. Normally, he'd wait for a command, but it seems he couldn't contain his excitement and launched himself, paws outstretched, into the deeper part of the river. Little Zeus got excited by the water too, but wouldn't dare venture further than the safety of the small cove despite Ben showing him the way (Zeus will only go in upto his neck thus far). Nevertheless, upon climbing back on to the river bank Zeus was playing around with another dog when he lost his footing and fell into the river in a deeper area. He couldn't climb back up and so had to swim back to the cove - he wasn't impressed!

Despite my best efforts to get him to swim he won't do it voluntarily so far. Time will tell if he plucks up enough courage to follow Ben's lead (no pun intended).